Vallow - Sunroom MSR028


This album has four movements:
mvmt. 1: tracks 1-6
mvmt. 2: tracks 7-10
mvmt. 3: tracks 11-15
mvmt. 4: tracks 16-17

special thanks to keegan, john, alec, david, trevor, jason, camille, ada, skyler, troy, andrew, martin, izze, haley, morgan, and many more. this record would not exist without all of you.

ben - cover art, all instruments, non-instruments, data encryption, breaches of security, and everything else, forever

john samaras (Cloud Tapes) - clarinet (track 2)
keegan leonberg (Clay Bed Submersible) - chorus guitar (track 9)
ada eberlyn - bass, field recording (track 14)
max and kohana- heckin concerns (track 14)

samples were either self-recorded, or from a public domain sound effect archive

tape is a double butterfly style cassette box, with movement 1, side A, movement 2, side B on the first tape, and movement 3, side A, and movement 4, side B on the second tape.


  1. Doomsday, Everyday!
  2. The Indifferent Sigh of God
  3. Little Miss No One
  4. Flutter
  5. Theme From Sunroom (Beautiful Day)
  6. Falling Dream
  7. Motherfucker
  8. My Amp's Final Days
  9. Comatose Rosary
  10. The Echo Chamber of Eternity
  11. Birthday Week
  12. Periwinkle
  13. Elsewhere is Somewhere
  14. The Doggos Are Unhappy With Your Ceaseless Petulance
  15. Discount Surgery
  16. True Love Is a Piano
  17. Spectral