John Zealous - Emma Watson MSR063


A demo album.
Recorded in Janurary and February, 2019.
The debut album from John Zealous, blending a mixture of alt rock, indie rock, lo-fi and shoegaze sounds. It can get a little weird at times and there's a little bit of screaming.
Please enjoy : )

For this album, John Zealous is:
Damian Coletta – Backing vocals, drums (live)
Ethan Bellhouse – Saxophone
Fynn Ryan – Backing vocals, acoustic guitar (live)
Joseph Bergl – Electric guitar
Joshua Lenzo – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, synth, sampling, drum machines
Lachlan Neasham - Bass
L. Valerie- Monologue

Mixed and Produced by Damian Coletta and Joshua Lenzo
Studio dude: Damian Coletta
Recorded at The Pet Sematary
Album art by Ella Wylynko
Mastered by Will Long


  1. A Mid-Western Premise
  2. Song for Elaine
  3. Linger (For the Rest of Your Life)
  4. Through Shadows (to Truth)
  5. Strained Neck
  6. Belle Delphine
  7. Reprise for Belle
  8. Sin Against Me
  9. Move On (Damian's Song)