the pointless atlantic - to live long and grow spiteful in the pointless atlantic MSR062


self destruction as an audio circus for hypocrites.

these are songs about whatever you want them to be. you can put these wherever. you can give this to whoever. you can do whatever you want to whenever you want to however you feel like because i know you could.

this isn't important and it doesn't have to be.
nothing does and nothing is.
sometimes you need to say many things, other times you don't have to say anything.

"come sail away
come sail away
come sail awaaaaaaaaaayyyyy with meeeEEeeeeeeeeeeEEEEe"

i hope you like them. thanks.

written and put together by mtty
recorded on an iphone over a long period of time


  1. they've grown tired; they've become bored
  2. we'll fall apart
  3. broken wings and leg bones (we love you, abby perchant)
  4. uproot the mighty oak
  5. the gaping maw in the earth we left is left to ache (alone)
  6. amidst the wires of your impala
  7. (could you please gift me emotion)
  8. the reel still spins