bloom - "a smash hit single​!​" MSR065


(these tracks were recorded between 2/7/19 and 4/20/19.)

clear pink cassette, limited to 50, with lyric insert card


"super!" - the national enquirer
"siamese dream is better than this" - billy c.

thank you: ben, kat, nads, camille, seg, jolene, and louie
thank you: mount seldom, for making this tangible
thank you: for buying/stealing/dubbing this
we would also like to thank the tired, assembly line worker who is personally responsible for packaging this record in such a fashionable way.

this specific worker is also responsible for the packaging on several other landmark records, and for giving them their commercial sheen. he's made entire genres palatable for generations of teens and adults, and for that, we'd like to say:

thanks, steve!

this is the first in a line of high quality products from the fine people at bloom. preview this "cassette single" at any listening station at your local record store. act now, supplies are limited. prepackaged with our new "ultra seal" technology, exclusively for you, the consumer, this record is guaranteed to come to you as fresh as it was the day it was made!


  1. cats
  2. sea crab
  3. bugs