Vallow - Pluto and the Outer Darkness MSR066


a journey from cynicism to sincerity for the absurdly lonely. i set out to make an album that seemed to contain everything, and i really hope it does. I would describe it as cartoon devotional music. Imagine it as the roadmap of the twilight area between life and death. Everything I want you to know is right here. Love, ben

ben - production, arrangements, everything else

sound effects courtesy of

I'd like to thank marie and my kind ghosts


  1. Stranger in a Stranger's Dream
  2. Rise and -Shine-The Universe is Born!
  3. Old Broken Heart
  4. New Broken Heart
  5. Charon
  6. Venus
  7. Lyra
  8. Deep Blue (On and On)
  9. Cassiopeia
  10. Orphaned Planet Blue
  11. The Great Dark Spot
  12. Sugar Rush!
  13. The Event Horizon (Pt. 1)
  14. Float Away
  15. Static in my Brain (Pt. 3)
  16. Float Away (Continued)
  17. Dark Matter Cathedral
  18. Halos and Halogen-Mirror, Mirror
  19. The Event Horizon (Pt. 2)
  20. Through the Black Hole
  21. The Future (in Reverse)
  22. Heat Death of the Universe!
  23. The Abandoned Earth