Ravetank - Wimpy Songs About Dogs​/​Don't Be Sad, Be Rad! MSR022


Absurdist Anti-Folk for Asexuals.

a split album of Ravetank's first two EP's

Ravetank is: Nathan Howard - Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths, Drums, Percussion, Kalimba, Melodica, Vox, Tenor Ukulele, Chord Organ, Synths, Field Recordings, Production

tapes coming soon

more at https://ravetank.bandcamp.com/


  1. Don't Be A Slave To That Grind
  2. Villa 838
  3. White Heron Dance
  4. Going To @Bristol
  5. The Next Day
  6. Theme Song For When The Asexuals Take Over The Planet
  7. Ted The Radical Westy
  8. American Ninja Delivery Girl
  9. Wabbit
  10. Mid Life Crisis Paul McCartney
  11. The Train From Dilton Marsh To Bath Spa
  12. Kalimba Song
  13. What Will We Do After We Hvae Graduated
  14. The Lack of Dancing at Joanna Gruesome Makes Me Sad
  15. Lois' Magic Sweater
  16. Burrito Babe