Crywank - Egg on face. Foot in mouth. Wriggling Wriggling Wriggling. MSR023


A Mishmash of Wishywashy.

Vocals & Guitar: James Clayton
Percussion & Vocals: Daniel Watson

Recording, Production & Mastering: Joe Clayton
Additional Vocals: Ric Von Long

Artwork: Dan Watson

tapes coming soon


  1. A Soreness So Familiar It Soon Becomes Unquestioned
  2. Part 2- Electric Boogaloo
  3. When You Eat Yourself, First Start With Your Head Up Your Arse
  4. Woodchuck
  5. Who Am I-1
  6. Everything Is Getting Very Snake 2
  7. Colm Hindsight
  8. A Phony in a World of Holden Caulfields
  9. (Onion) Garden Fart (Onion)
  10. Tin Foil Hat Crew At The Student House Party
  11. Chomsky-Honk
  12. Goku Is Cool
  13. Don't Forget To Like Share and Subscribe
  14. I Think I’m Dying and I’m Doing Nothing About It
  15. Anti-capitalism Is A Great Marketing Technique
  16. Thoughts on Self-Described DIY Bands Engaging With A Profit-Based Print Media
  17. An Academics Lament On Barbie
  18. Fuck You Dan
  19. Fuck You James
  20. Pr8y Boi
  21. Life Is Life and That’s So Deep
  22. Roll-on Deoderant
  23. Story of the Lizard and the Sock